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Three Major Cancers to be Covered by Insurance in Dubai in 2018

The health insurance industry in United Arab Emirates (UAE) has change dramatically in the past few years. The authorities moved to a mandatory health insurance coverage and a new initiative has increased the coverage and care people can expect from their insurance packages.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced at the start of December that it’s planning to launch a new initiative called Basmah. The initiative would mean that basic benefit plan of the mandatory health insurance scheme would cover screening and treatment of three major cancers. Anyone with the Essential Basic Package (EBP) would be entitled to the spectrum of care.

Prior to this decision, the funding
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At the same time, many cancers have seen survival rates increase rapidly in recent decades. All the three cancers that are part of the initiative are considered curable cancers these days. These cancers aren’t an automatic death sentence in the modern world – however, early detection is the key. Therefore, the initiative with its strict screening guidelines can help in ensuring early detection takes place and survival rates in the region continue to climb up.

The basic health insurance package will provide cover for the following cancers:

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a problem in the region with studies showing women get it 10 years earlier in Dubai than it other parts of the world. The treatment often involves a procedure called mastectomy, which removes the breast tissue and any cancerous tissue to stop spreading. Breast cancer is a major cancer amongst women, although its survival rates have drastically improved in recent years.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the second major cancer in UAE and it is the seventh cause of death in the region. Among women, the worldwide statistics suggest it is the fourth most common cancer. Studies have predicted the cancer to increase by 25% in next 10 years so screening will be key to ensuring the cancer doesn’t become a major killer.

Colorectal cancer

Another common cancer in the region is colorectal cancer. While the survival rates in Dubai can range from 80% to 92%, its
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