Essay On Health Workforce

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Nowadays, health life style is become to the pursuit of modern life goals. Before start to talk about how can we achieve a good business from have a health workforce, I want to give a short introduce about what is a business. Business is not only mean how much money you can earn, business is a small community which will produce different effects as the environment changes around. These people who work at there, the linguistic behavior of these people, or the way how they to solve questions are all will make influences to each others. If you search the words about “health workforce for business” online, normally the first pages are half post by different company’s segment. This has become a popular trend in this society, just as the same as…show more content…
Therefore, “Paid Leave Banks” has been created, employees can take their illness day off with paid. Also, more and more corporations are start to take care of employee's health behavior to avoid them get noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) from diversity activities. Such as encourage people to eat health diet, do work out often, or holding some special outside activities like hiking with colleagues.
However, for small business they may will point out that it is not worth to pay sick leave for employee, like as Hitchcock mentioned in his article that “that workers with paid sick leave often abuse it.” Same as 77 percent of employers are recently reported that “workplace wellness” program is not effective (Eduardo). According to this situation I would use the opinion from Robert McLellan, which who is the chief of occupational and environmental medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, is one of those experts - The health workforce does really have value to employee’s wellness, but measuring it is complicated. The 77% employers who said does not feel their health workforce work well is because they did not recognize this program well. From the data given in our textbook page 325, we can know that those corporations who have a good understanding health workforce are gian much high effective from those low effective companies. Those high performance companies they do pay for sick leave, they do provide other health environment around the place where does employees work
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