Essay On Healthcare Acquired Infection

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“We’re having an issue with surgical instrument cleaning” “4 West has terrible hand hygiene” “I need you to fix CLABSI. By next quarter.” Healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are a significant public health threat, impacting one out of every twenty-five hospital patients ((CDC HAI)), and have a significant financial impact on through increased costs of care and treatment, and risk to reimbursement through value based purchasing. Healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on reduction and elimination of infection, and infection preventionists (IPs) are often challenged by their organizational leadership to with “fix the HAI problem.” APIC’s long term vision is healthcare without infection,((APIC)) but the challenge of how to…show more content…
They are temporary, and aimed at achieving an unique result of goal (PMBOK). Project management is frequently broken down into five process areas: 1. Initiating 2. Planning 3. Executing 4. Monitoring and Controlling 5. Closing These closely parallel the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) that many IPs and healthcare quality professionals regularly utilize for performance improvement and change management. Initiating A project begins at initiation with a specific goal or task to be accomplished. In the initiation phase, we begin with a broad definition of the project, and assess its feasibility. The project often arises based on business needs or desire. The project leader must assess the needs of the customers, which include both those requesting the change, and those that will be impacted by it. This involves identification of all those that have a stake in the project or will be impacted by it, and careful listening to understand their needs and what is most valued to each group. It is important to include input from the front-line staff that are closest to the process and have the best understanding of what is truly happening, and the impact the project may have on their day to day work flow. Seeking this input will also help the infection preventionist project leader assess the group’s readiness to make changes or work on the project, and potential
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