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Book Review: Heart of Darkness
When reading Joseph Conrad’s stunning work of literary fiction, Heart of Darkness, one is transported to the Congo’s jungles itself and has to ferociously fight until the end. The novel is readable to those determined to reach the end; the words are arranged almost in a way that makes the reader feel the struggle of the Congo. Reading the novel is indeed a journey itself, making the end worth the struggle.
In Heart of Darkness, the narrator is in fact not the real storyteller. Marlow, an experienced seaman, recounts his journey in search of an agent of an ivory trading company, Kurtz. He begins his storytelling by stating the colonization of Africa “was just robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a
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Many important symbols are used in a way that they relate to the meaning of the novel as a whole. Marlow mentions a “whited sepulcher” when visiting the Company’s office in Brussels. It symbolizes European imperialism since it often represents death. The idea of European imperialism is falsely beautified, yet inside it is hollow and dark, just like a sepulcher. Ivory is also another important symbol in the novel since it relates to the greed of the Europeans. It shows that the only thing the Europeans truly care about is money; and they will do anything for it, including inflicting violence upon the natives. Both of these symbols undercover a larger theme in the novel: imperialism is an evil and violent path.
The novel, being based in the late nineteenth century, is not expressed in modern English. The language is hard to understand at times since the text often contains inverted syntax. Also, profane words are used several times throughout the novel to describe the Africans. The author includes this to get a closer, more personal, sense of Marlow’s story. The language also helps make the story more realistic within the time period; it provides the reader with a better background and grasp on the novel and certainly contributes to the novel in a positive way. Personally, I would give this book a three-star rating. The excellent work of the storytelling was diminished by the difficulty in reading level. The first chapter of the novel was especially confusing and
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