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Interview of a Helping Professional
When I was reading more about becoming a helping professional, the first person that came to mind for the interview was my aunt, Deidre Bryant. She is a Sentencing Mitigation Specialist for Virginia Indigent Defense Commission`s in Petersburg, Virginia. The Defense Commission`s are a public, state funded office that helps clients that have dwelled with abuse and neglect. They also report suicidal ideation/threats to the local community board that would involve a strong confidentiality policy for that as well. Throughout the interview, I will be learning about different scenarios that she usually has to face on a daily basis and seeing the type of mind set that her and her coworkers have to endure when
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The more referrals they make with their partner agencies, the more time spent on each case. The most referrals that they usually deal with on a day-to-day basis would have to be between substance use and mental health issues. It`s sad to see that even though there are workers that try to fix each client and make the community better, these two situations are still a big issue that they will be facing in the near future.
` The Individual
Deidre loves working as a Specialist for her job. When she was little, she was always that one person that everyone would draw to when they needed help and she enjoyed doing that. No matter what the issue was, she would always see the inner good in that individual and make sure they saw it too when they finished up with their talk. Now, she can use those materials for her career and work on cases that even she is surprised worked out in the long run. She deals with different cases everyday, which keep her on her feet so she never has a dull moment at work. Especially the people…from clients to co-workers, she gets to interact with different people and help those that either needs a way out from a dangerous lifestyle or clients that don`t fully see the light at the end of the tunnel but need that extra push to view it. Plus, working at the Commission`s gives her more of a independent structure instead of partnering
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