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Modern café is one of the result of urbanization and gentrification (Cohen, September 3, 2014). As the world changes, the characteristic of café itself changes. Café just not place to sit, having a good food or drink a sip of coffee but also a place to socialize, and meeting a new person (Rao, 2011). Hipster Café is one of the most popular modern café culture among youngster in Malaysia. This paper is aim to study the factor that motivates the youngster to go to hipster café. This study is using a quantitative method. To gain primary data, 390 sets of questionnaires were distributed. Research samples are identified as the youngster of ages 18-30. The sources of secondary data were critical selected from highly reliable sources, both from public and private sectors. The finding of this study will be useful to understand the current trend of hipster café in Malaysia particularly in Terengganu.

1.0 Introduction
According to (Said, 2011), people frequencies café nowadays to communicate, socialize, looking for public spaces and (Desai, May 2011) sates that people going to café for work purpose. Urbanization and gentrification changes the function of traditional café to modern café that more friendly (Cohen, September 3, 2014). Hipster café is one of the modern café. The
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This is evident when hipster cafés are mushrooming all over the places, usually occupying a strategic corner of the shop lots especially in the urban areas (Suliza Hairon, October 2017). According to Syakirah, 2005 as cited in (Suliza Hairon, October 2017) hipster cafes in Malaysia are usually recognized through the creative name used for the foods and drinks, the ingredients used as well as their unique presentation. Not only that, (Zuki, 2016) mention in her report that hipster trend became an inspiration for young entrepreneur to involve in cafeteria
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