Essay On Hiring Process

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New technology surrounds us with everything we do in our daily lives, and is continually being upgraded. One process that has changed as technology has advanced is in the way we apply or recruit employees for a job. The process of submitting a resume or an application to apply for a job position is all technology based these days and has caused some businesses to forget that there are actually real people behind those submissions. Though I do enjoy the innovation of accepting resumes and applications electronically, my hiring process for The Lakeview Inn will always include a formal face-to-face interview, so those human qualities I am looking for in an employee, are never missed. Due to a combination of advanced web-submitted resumes or…show more content…
4). Recruiters can possibly receive hundreds of electronic resumes in a day which they must quickly review and select the best applicant that meets the job position requirements for the hiring manager. The normal response time back to an applicant can go on for weeks or the applicant may never hear a status on their resume/application (Hart, 2008). The perfect process would be one where Web sites are easy to use. When you experience any issues with submitting the resume or even finding that available open job position, there is a person available for assistance. There would be an instant auto-reply expressing success when submitting the resume and within 48 hours you would actually have a personal response from someone. There is prompt and constant feedback as your resume moves through the process. Selected qualified applicants would have an interview with the recruiter and hiring manager. The process from start to finish would be complete in three weeks (Hart, 2008). Since The Lakeview Inn is such a small company, resumes will be submitted through our Web site which will be linked to email. Advertisement for job openings will be publicized via employment-related search engines for job listings. We will have our own internal automated tracking system that scans and file resumes as they come in for a collected database. This will be a quick resource when position openings come available. I will personally read and review every resume that is submitted.
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