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Hitler Youth Through the Hitler Youth, Hitler was successfully able to corrupt the minds of children and spread propaganda across the country. Hitler Youth played an important role in the spread of Nazisim across Germany. Hitler Youth also proved Germany with a common goal: The Aryan Race. The Hitler Youth also added to the Nazi school system and made the kids more devoted. The Hitler Youth had a big impact on the people of Germany and its future.

The Hitler youth was founded by Adolf Hitler and Kurt Gruber. On July 4th, Kurt Gruber finished the official Hitler Youth uniforms. The Hitler Youth was officially born, “14 separate departments were ones for sports, propaganda and education.”(
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“ In his case, he wanted the young people to carry on the Nazi idealism.” (Hitler Youth p1). Boys were body building by age 10 and were trained to become soldiers. Girls needed to be athletic, strong, and were trained to be the perfect housewives. The Youth was also to spread propaganda and participate in many marches. Some boys went around vandalizing Jewish shops. These kids and young adults were raised to be leaders and faithful followers of Hitler. There was a lot of pressure on people to join the Hitler Youth. The Hitler Youth also encouraged its members to report and non- Nazi thinking even if it was parents or…show more content…
The people of Germany were forced to look up to Hitler and to strive for the Aryan Race. Hitler was idolized and thought of as a hero or savior. They were brain-washed into thinking they were the best of the best and that all other races were not. They were taught what to do, what to think and to point out behavior out of the Nazi-idealism. The young men of Germany were made into Nazi soldiers and leaders. “Hitler realised that by controlling the youth of today he would completely control the future Nazi people.”(marked by teachers
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