Essay On Hitler's Responsibility For War

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Many Historians see this document as a absolute proof of Hitler’s responsibility for War in Europe. It is true to say, with hindsight that the Memorandum was used at the Nuremberg trials to . It has, however, limited credibility as the minutes were drawn up many days after the event, therefore he was recalling from his memory, and not by his secretary directly at the meeting, as was usually done. On the other hand, it still give a rare glimpse into the order of procession for no minutes of this meeting were meant to be taken as Hitler’s closest advisers had been pledged to secrecy. Therefore there are no other documents like it. Nevertheless, the reliability of this document is in doubt for looking back at the context, Hitler would …show more content…

The real critic of appeasement was the Group of men who called themselves Cato. In 1940, Cato wrote a book called “Guilty Men” , in which they presented the argument that the “Cast” of Neville and Stanley Baldwin, to name a few, had made decision so “shameful and harmful to the Commonwealth”. However, one has to take a pinch of salt with this source, for it was written in a time of great National pain. For the great disaster of Dunkirk had just occurred causing outrage by certain members. While it is true to say that some saw the warning signs of War earlier than others. For instance, Winston Churchill’s “we must arm ” fell on deaf ear. Furthermore there is also the argument of why 1939? For evidence suggested that Germany was militarily far weaker in September 1938 than she turned out to be in September 1939. The Luftwaffe could not reach Britain, the French army was larger and the Czech border defences were very strong. Hitler was short on tanks, fuel, ammunition, trained officers and reserves. Michael Foot argues that, War in 1938 with Czechoslovakia, on Britain’s side would have been far better than war in 1939. Some historians blame Chamberlain for not following his policy through to the end. He should not have made a deal with the Polish right wing

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