Essay On Hospital Field Experience

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On April 5th, 2016 the Farrington Health Academy had the opportunity to be given a tour at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, otherwise known as “JABSOM”. What consisted of this field trip were many sessions at different locations such as the Anatomy Lab, PBL classrooms, and the SimTiki Simulation Lab. We were also able to get a tour around the campus and learned many trivial facts about the architecture of the school, such as the traditional and modern designs on the buildings. Though the time was limited, we were able to see many fascinating things. One session that we went through was learning about clinical skills at one of their classrooms. At first, we were given stethoscopes and were taught how to look professional in front of your patient. For example, we practiced knocking on a door, walking to our patient, greeting them in a very respectable and non-invasive way. From this experience, I learned that every detail counts while working in the health field. Also, in order to succeed in the delivery of quality health care, you need to be a meticulous health care worker in order to exceed expectations your patient. Another session that our group participated in was the in the simulation lab, otherwise known as “SimTiki”. Before we entered the lab, we were given the information about the so-called patient. When…show more content…
First of all, it showed me that I need to act professional at all times in order to provide a good image for myself. Also, I learned that no matter who your patient is, as a healthcare worker, it is your duty to treat them with the utmost respect and dignity in order to be successful. However, not only does your ethics matter, but also your knowledge and contribution to help a patient. I think that this field trip strengthened my determination to enter the health field because not only did it give me an outlook on what to expect, but also how to approach its
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