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Many looking for a career become interested in finding out how much auto mechanics get paid. The compelling thing about this question is it really doesn't have a solid answer. With that said, we can take you through the process of what it's like to work as an auto mechanic in a retail service environment.

You'll find out how much you can expect to make a week turning wrenches. And we'll attempt to put a dollar figure on the yearly salary a skilled mechanic can expect to earn in a busy auto repair shop. Finally, you'll learn about the flat rate compensation system and the feast or famine scenario it can create for those caught up in this type of pay plan.

Subtracting Expenses from Gross
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However, for those looking for a challenging position with room for advancement this job fills that need. Although you might not like working outside in the elements, the day goes fast and the job isn’t boring.

This is little consolation if you're working at an auto repair shop just outside of Death Valley, Arizona. Very few auto repair shops provide any kind of air-conditioning for their service staff. However, if you decide to take a position in Nome Alaska, repairing four-wheel-drive trucks, they will probably have an adequate heating system.

The other consideration about the physical effort required to fix an automobile becomes the long term toll on the human body. Mechanics must work smart and where protection. This includes eye protection, dust masks, back braces, hardhats and ear plugs. Failure to wear this equipment can mean an early retirement. And not in a good way. Mechanics turning wrenches for 30 years or more often have back problems and hearing damage.

How Much Mechanics Get Paid

As with [[aviation and airline mechanics]], automotive technicians will find hourly pay rates tied to a supply and demand ratio. In some parts of the country finding a person willing to put up with the pain and suffering of working outside on heavy equipment becomes an impossible task. The few and the proud willing to step up and take these positions can demand a pay rate
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