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This is the story of the most famous Rolls-Royce in film; a car once loved, then forgotten for three decades. If you were born in the sixties or the seventies, you probably saw it many times...
Somehow, people lost track of it with time. I guess most of the previous owners never knew that so many famous people had travelled in it.

When I was a young teen, I spent countless hours watching television series on Saturday afternoons. These shows are where I caught my first glimpse of the legendary car. Seeing that Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the first time invoked indescribable emotions in me. As a youth, my father took me to the nearby Paris Motor
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I read that the car was delivered to Robert B. Massey’s garage in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire. It was used as a demonstration model, then sold to James Harrison's Building Company in Edinburgh in March 1968. The file also contained a black and white picture of the car (shown on the first web page) with an insurance paper mentioning the cost of some repairs, on which was written “Insured by MGM British Studios”. I didn't even know that MGM had studios in the UK, but I've been in touch with them ever since. This information began my quest to find out more about the car. I have since learned that the first registration number was MWF 435F, which was changed to OPH2 in the seventies, which has naturally changed several times since. If you look closely at the front, you will notice the side-light on the wings. They are not originals. They were fitted later to make the car look newer. Rolls-Royce only fitted those from 1971, I think...(from 1966 to 1980, the factory made 2000 modifications to this model!) During the first 2 years of production, Rolls-Royce only made 3 or 4 cars per day. 4141 cars were produced with the "Chippendale Dashboard."

In the following weeks, I discovered that from September 1968, the car was owned by Kingsbury Motors at Kingsbury Road, London NW9. They were a massive rental company that was popular
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