Essay On How The Government Is Against Us

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How the Government is Against us, and Why it Matters
Not many people would believe that the government would try to control them, but these conspiracies about the, Illuminati, Nibiru Cataclysm, and the government keeping technology from us, would prove otherwise. In fact, there is no legitimate Democracy(Kukathas, 2008), nor is there a Republican or Democratic Parties(Berlatsky, 2015).
Instead there is only the Illuminati. They are a central government that controls everything, for at least 650 yrs. , maybe longer. It is believed to be the Virl, a subterranean super race. Events that take place that can shake a nation, all put into place by them; 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the more recent Las Vegas shooting, all of these are false flags. They
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They would also use hypnosis, or isolation with verbal abuse. If the government would do that, then what would not they do?
To make matters worse this is not the first nor the last time the government has used chemicals to try and control us. They put “fluoride” in our drinking water, they say it is to help clean your teeth, but in all reality it decays our teeth, and they are mearly using this as a means to control our minds. A man by the name of Alex Jones is an expert on the subject, and he stated,”They are putting chemicals into the water and turning the freaking frogs gay.” He truly is a man of knowledge. As proven by MKUltra, they are not above testing on their citizens or controlling them. Furthermore, this is nothing compared to chemtrails. When planes are flying at a certain altitude, they release these trails that contain either chemicals, as the name suggest, or biological agents, for reasons unbenounced to the general public.
Furthermore, there is the point of the end of the world coming soon, and the government denying it, all in order to protect themselves from mass panic. They will just fly off to another planet. It began in 1995, when a man begun to tell people that “Planet X was gonna give it to us.” Planet X, or Nibiru, is another planet in our solar system. It is stated that this planet is either going to crash into the planet or it will fly close to the surface; Decimating the ground and all life. Nevertheless,
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