Essay On How The Great War Changed The U. S.

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DAR ESSAY The Great War changed the U.S. in an extraordinary way. It caused my family to depart from each other for quite a while. My brother and I worked for everything that we posses today, and we are proud and grateful for what we have done especially with all the adjustments we had to make with the war affecting the U.S. in such a tremendous way. This war showed me how nothing comes easy unless you work for it. My brother and I go through everything together as that is all we have holding each other up. We motivate each other to work for what we need because it isn’t easy, especially since he is just seventeen and I am thirteen. Our father is in the military and had to depart for the war on the first day which was June 14. It is the…show more content…
We aren’t worried about losing our jobs at the bank for that reason, but we are nervous about not making enough money as well as not being able to get hired anywhere else. My brother and I were worried, but we were determined to solve this problem. Thor decided that he is going to try and get a job as a writer for the Chicago Tribune. When he went for the job he was told that they would love to get an intelligent, young writer like him to help them. Today is September 22, and Thor got the job as a writer for the Chicago Tribune which is going to help us more than ever before. I am still working at the bank, but my brother and I are starting to do work around our small house just on the outside of the big city. Our house is more like a cabin with barely any land but we make it work. We have a few apple trees outside that provide us with some very good extra food. There is also a river about a mile from our cabin so we don’t really have to worry about the water. Today is October 3, Thor has gotten sick and I don’t know what I should do. He told me that he had fallen in the river so I thought that he either has a very bad cold, or pneumonia. I went to the nearest doctor that I knew of and the doctor told me that he just had a bad cold but he wouldn’t be able to work for about a month and a half. The war was making things more expensive and now that I am the only one who can work, I have to work harder than ever before. Thor has been doing good, and I have been working at
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