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How the Nurse feels

The American short story was published in the year if 1998. It was written by the author Greg Changnon and it takes place in town called Winetka in the USA. The protagonist is the 15-year-old girl Tess who is a girl that participates on the William Shakespeare play on her high school. She is living with her parents and they expect her to overtake her mother’s fabric store after she graduate from college. “Both my parents think that after college I will come back and take over Mother’s fabric store, but they have no idea.” Tess tries to escape from her own identity by acting because it makes her feel like another person. “I have to feel what it’s like in somebody else’s skin.” The play that they are performing on their school is Romeo and Juliet and her role is Juliet’s nurse. Tess is having troubles with identifying herself in the role as Juliet’s nurse because she cannot relate with the feelings of the nurse, because Tess never have experienced to feelings of losing someone she is related to. That changes during the short story when she meets Tiger De Soto. Over a phone call Tess evolves feelings for Tiger De Soto even though there is going rumours on their school that he is doing drugs, and their relationship is only build on one telephone call. When he passes away during the snowstorm Tess suddenly becomes capable of performing the Nurse. “Juliet is lying
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Tess is the protagonist and the reader are getting the story told from her point of view. Tess can be described as a person who is having issues about identifying herself. The author does not describe the characters physical appearance, but we get an insight picture of characters feelings. Tess possessor the ability to care about others which is a quality that stands out compared to the other characters in the story. Besides from Tiger De Soto’s parents Tess seems to be the only person that cares about him and misses him when he passes
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