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When in need of a new computer, have you ever considered building your own? Many immediately think of going to an electronics store and buying an already pre-built computer. It might be for the sake of convenience, or the lack of computer knowledge, but for most it’s that they never knew that they could build a computer all on their own. The idea sounds daunting at first, but building a PC is nothing more than fitting pieces together like a puzzle. There are many benefits of building your own PC such as being significantly inexpensive and customizable to fit your personal needs. Being able to choose the internal hardware allows you to control the performance of your computer and being able to upgrade your components when
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The motherboard is the main circuit board that every other component will connect to. It allows for the other components to function together. Make sure your motherboard is compatible with not only your CPU, but also case size as they can vary in size. The most common and most popular brands of motherboards are ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.
Random access memory allows your computer multitask when handling processes. Your RAM will have to be compatible with your motherboard as they will connect with the motherboard’s slots. The speed of your RAM will be determined by the motherboard as well. Recommended brands are Corsair, G.Skill, and Micron.

Graphics Card/GPU/Video Card
The graphics processing unit is what renders and displays the images and at what quality. Popular brands for video cards are AMD and Nvidia.
Hard Drive/SSD/Storage
Storage is how much space your computer will have for your files. The more storage a computer has, the more files and bigger sizes it can hold. There are two types of storage: hard disks and solid-state drives. Typically, SSDs are faster yet more expensive in comparison to hard disks which are much older.
Power Supply
Power supply units is what gives power to the entire PC build. This component is what makes or breaks the build as a low quality power supply can potentially ruin the entire PC. Trusted power supply brands are Corsair and

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