Essay On How To Get Rid Of Bloating

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How to Get Rid of Bloating with these Do’s and Don’ts
Bloating is an issue caused by excess air in the intestines. One way you can eliminate is by knowing what caused it, which can range from anything. It may be due to stress, poorly managed gut issue, or what and how you eat. Hence, with the help right foods and avoiding certain things, it is possible to eliminate the issue and have your flat tummy back. Among those that you need to do regarding how to get rid of bloating are:
Both smoking and drinking using straws cause excess air to get inside the body, which causes the bloating. To prevent them from contributing to your puffed up stomach, you need to start by quitting smoking and drinking in straws. You need to limit your intake
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First, allow yourself to burp and fart since they are the natural ways to release the gas causing your stomach to puff out. Second, sit down when eating, and consume drinks and food at a slower pace. Lastly, you should include the following foods in your diet.
• Fruits like Pineapple and Banana – Pineapple helps reduce bloating by flushing your system. It contains bromelain enzymes that are responsible in digesting proteins and in reducing inflammation. Banana is also rich in potassium which aid in fighting water retention that resulted from consuming salty foods. However, although helpful, ensure not to consume unripe bananas since they can just cause more gas.
• Ginger – Inflammation caused by consuming spicy foods, dairy and chemical additives is the primary reason why people get bloated. Consequently, you can even out your puffy tummy by treating its cause, the inflammation, through sipping ginger tea or chewing candied ginger. The Zingibain enzymes ginger contains, which aid in protein digestion, also helps.
• Yogurt –Dairy products, like milk and cheese, can puff up stomach. However, yogurt can help you slim down because of the good bacteria it contains. These good bacteria help the intestines to better process foods, and at the same time, fight
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