Essay On How To Improve Communication

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In the recent years, clinician and medical staff have an important job to ensure that patients are safe and being well treated for. To better patients care the emergency department clinician (ED) and medical staff (lab technician) needs to improve communication and how to respond to the issues among both departments such as accurate test results. While most disagree that the issue does not deserve attention from the medical and laboratory field audience. The APA formatted text “Improving Patient Safety Through Enhanced Communication Between Emergency Department Clinicians and Medical Staff” has supporting details such as charts, tables, case reviews and headers such as event analysis, new protocol, measurement, and discussion. By…show more content…
What are the ways to improve communications among the team? What are the advantages or disadvantages of communication? Is improving communication is the best solution for the medical care team and patients? By understanding the communications that the lab and ED have every day can enhance better test results. The lab and ED need to understand how important both parts are for patients and that need each other. For example, ED needs to help the lab get the best results by sticking the needle in the right spot because if not the results could become diluted from the IV. Rhetorical Situation The article “ Improving Patient Safety Through Enhanced Communication Between Emergency Department Clinicians and Medical Staff” is a text that helps inform the medical and laboratory field. The text has been acknowledge because of the results in the year of 2011, which was “diagnostic laboratory testing has been reported to be critical in 60% to 70% of diagnosis and treatment decision” (Katz, 2011, 1). Therefore, the main situation is the ED and lab does not have better communication because the patients are being misdiagnosed. In a conversation about the ED and lab communication to help diagnose the patient. This tells readers that the ED can help minimize anything that can infer with the lab results such as running or using any medicines that can make the blood read different. Audience, language, and The Style of the Text The
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