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Abigale Marta
September 27, 2017
College Composition, 5th
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How to Take a Great Picture Every Time The best pictures aren’t always the ones taken by professionals or of incredible scenery. Memorable pictures are the ones that truly count and anyone can take them. Getting familiar with the overload of camera settings, equipment and terminology is a process that comes with experience. Photography is an art that, like many others, takes time to master. There are many factors and techniques that play into taking pictures. Things grow more technical the further you reach into photography. As a profession, photography is divided into different focuses and each style of photography has a set of characteristics. Despite the
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Direct light is based on the size and distance of the light source. Smaller light sources that are further away from the photo’s subject will create sharper, more intense shadows. On the other hand, diffused light covers the subject in a more full, blended way. Shadows appear more bright in diffused light. This lighting is usually ideal for portraits of people with uneven skin. A camera’s aperture, shutter speed and ISO also influence the lighting of an image. Aperture and shutter speed can be confusing at first as they function in opposite directions. The larger the aperture (measured in f-stops) is, the brighter a picture will be. The size of the aperture is the size of the hole which lets light into the lens. Shutter speed is how quickly the camera lens is exposed to that light. The higher the shutter speed, the darker the picture will be. Like the aperture, the higher the ISO, the brighter the picture will be. The downfall to a higher ISO is that the image will appear more grainy. It is the photographer’s job to balance natural lighting with the camera’s settings in order to set a lighting that will make the picture look best.
Aside from all of the technical and analytical factors in photography, the last point to make is simply taking a lot of pictures. When asked “how many keepers do you get from a game?”, professional photographer Scott Kelby answered “I get that question fairly

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