Essay On How To Write A Short Essay On The Road.

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A few minutes later, I walked back down Atlantic Road. My home was a few houses away from where I staggered with my tired steps. I started to walk more slowly, not wanting my time alone to end. Church bells tolled in the distance again, but I didn’t pay them any attention this time. The houses on this road seemed like they sucked up all the dull colors in the world like a sponge. Everything was murky grey with streaks of brown from the dead grass on every lawn. Since I was so used to this, I noticed the bright yellow roses on Mr. and Mrs. Crompton’s yard right away. They had to have been dug out and planted here recently, since I didn’t notice them when I left. It’s not everyday you get to see these rare, beautiful things in a pool of…show more content…
There, I saw my pale sister lying in the bed, listless. Next to the bed, Annabeth was in tears while she sat on a stool. She cradled a sleeping Edwynn in her arms as she let her tears fall on his chubby cheeks. A sense came over me, and I was almost positive I knew what was happening.
“Annabeth? What happened?” Annabeth just looked at me with her dark brown eyes and shook her head. The foul stench that the fever had left drifted through the silent air.
“Agatha has joined the angels, Bianca. Along with your mother.” I walked stiffly over to Agatha’s bedside. Her once bright blue eyes were now stained yellow. Like the rose I had just pricked my finger on… I felt my eyes flood with tears.
“No. Please, no.” I whispered. I ran my fingers through Agatha’s dark brown hair. Her plump lips were dried and partially opened. The light and joy in her eyes was now gone, like a lake that has dried up and become a desert. I felt like a lone mouse in that desert.
Later that day, after we had watched Agatha be put into a coffin and buried, Edwynn, Annabeth, and I sat at the table and ate our supper. Annabeth had made beans and cornbread. I swallowed sadly on my over-chewed beans as I watched Edwynn bang his spoon on his plate. He was the only one that seemed to be in a good mood. He didn’t understand what happened to Agatha. I was about to take a sip from the mug of tea Mattie gave me, when there was a knock at our door.
“I’ll get it.” I stood up and unlocked the
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