Essay On Human African Trypanosomiasis

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Human African Trypanosomiasis is a disease sweeping across the Sub-Saharan Africa. Until recent years, Human African Trypanosomiasis is now on a downward decline. Even with the significant declines in cases, Human African Trypanosomiasis is still considered a neglect tropical disease. Human African Trypanosomiasis is known, as the sleeping sickness, which is caused through parasite transmission from bites of the Tsetse flies when picked up from human, or animal hosts (World Health Organization, n.d.). When over coming neglected tropical diseases culture is of the utmost essence when incorporating change. In area such as Kenya and Uganda gender, roles and activities aid in the transmission of Human African Trypanosomiasis. Male often times are the hunter gathers for the family and or employed in area’s of forest density. The cultures in which these individuals live and work place them at great risk. One major obstacle the must be overcome is education. Illiteracy and informal education places theses individuals at gave risk of continuing the Human African Trypanosomiasis cycle. Educating the public about clothing and protect when practicing gender roles such as fishing, farming livestock and crops. …show more content…

Farming of different crops impedes greater transmission rate due to the no need for the use of pesticides. A worker in coffee bean and banana vegetation farms is at a far greater risk of transmission compared to individuals within other crop farms. As stated before it is crucial to education on personal protective clothing against the Tsetse fly. Education is needed to understand the dynamic environments the Tsetse fly inhabits and can sustain. Educating about livestock in areas of housing, due to some species serve as hosts although zoonotic transmission is not as well

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