Essay On Human Resource Development

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INTRODUCTION Human resource development is necessary to any organization that wants to be influential and productive in order to succeed in the fast paced environment. Organizations can become influential and productive by having competent human resource. Human resource is a valuable asset that plays a crucial role within an organization and contributes directly to their success or failure. In short, human resource is a backbone of the organization. The organization has to motivate, train and monitor their employee so that the employee can develop their full potential and contribute to the organization. Human resource development (HRD) is a systematic activity designed by an organization with the purpose to help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge and abilities. HRD includes training and development, career development and organizational development to improve the performance of individual and organization. In short, HRD main purpose is assisting people to gain capabilities required to carry out all their tasks effectively and make organization succeed. The main goal of HRD is to improve the expertise and performance of individuals, work groups, work processes and the overall organization. This…show more content…
Employers utilize corporate training for new employees acclimate to a new working environment, to teach current employees new skills for the similar job and to advance employees for job that requires different skills. One of the popular areas of corporate training found at almost every organization is computer training. The advancement of technology nowadays requires employee to learn the new skills from time to time. Through the training, the employee will be able to improve their skills. Trained and skilled employees will be able to perform their job well. This will facilitate the work processes and contribute directly to the effectiveness of an
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