Essay On Hvc Experience

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Entering the floor on Monday morning was extremely nerve racking, I had never gone to the HVCC floor before and I didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived the nurses were frantic and bickering due to the lack of nurses on the overnight shift. One nurse was even called in from a family dinner since they had been so short staffed. The day shift arrived and again there was two call outs, short staffed once again. Patients who were supposed to be assigned as a one on one’s were now being assigned to nurses with other patients. I truly thought some of the decisions that were being made were completely unsafe. Also, many of the nurses were rude towards one another, needless to say the start to my day at HVCC was chaotic and unnerving. The nurse I had been assigned with was very informative and helpful when it came to explaining things and letting me practice tasks I was comfortable doing. One of our patients had a CABG x 1 on Friday and cardiac arrested during the surgery, she was shocked and they proceeded to do a cardiac massage on her, luckily they got her back. A balloon pump was…show more content…
The night nurse had restrained her because of her awful behavior towards the health care personal. My nurse removed her restraints once she was extubated that morning and the patient hit her and tried to bite her. She was very confused and violent until her family came to visit. Once her nephew had left she seemed even more confused, the nurse practitioner thought that narcotics may be altering her state and decided to prescribe a different form of pain medication. The Nurse practitioner also wanted to move the patient to the telemetry floor since they needed the bed, however the patient went into Atrial Fibrillation after one of her chest tubes was removed. Therefore her time at HVCC was
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