Essay On Hydor Locket

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As a water nymph, Hydor was always underestimated. She was looked at as weak and petite, but deep in her heart she knew she was strong. Hydor excelled as a young water nymph and her powers over water were substantial. She desired to be a god like her hero, Poseidon. As the daughter of Merella, the queen of the sea, Hydor never thought that she would be anything more than just a princess. Hydor awoke from her slumber and took her morning swim throughout the underwater kingdom. A sparkle in the distance caught her eye and she rushed towards it. It was a heart shaped locket that belonged to her grandmother. She hurried back to the lavish palace where her family resides. Hydor showed the locket to her mother, and Merella snatched it from her child’s grasp. Merella ordered Hydor to return to her room. The mischievous queen kept the locket for herself…show more content…
As Empusa’s spell grew stronger and more of the ocean died, Hydor became weaker. Hydor knew that if she were to defeat Empusa, she would have to unlock the full power of the locket. The water nymph worked intensely to become even stronger. Empusa wasn’t finished, she returned a second time and cast another dark spell on the ocean. This time, Hydor was ready for a fight. She zoomed across the ocean to where the dark demigoddess stood waiting for the water nymph. The two lashed out in a vigorous fight. They exploded in extreme power. The two were whipped back from the intensity of the fight. Hydor knew that Empusa would not be defeated easily. That's when she remembered the locket and grasped it. The ocean healed, and Hydor’s true power was revealed. She realized that the locket was not Heart of the Sea, but that Hydor, herself, was. Hydor used her newly found powers to defeat Empusa, and locked the demigoddess in a block of ice. Hydor banished Empusa to the chambers where her mother withered
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