Essay On Hypo Respiratory Syndrome

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Find Causes and Easy Remedies of Obesity Hypo-ventilation Syndrome OHS or Obesity Hypo ventilation Syndrome is a type of breathing disorder which makes an obese guy uncomfortable to inhale the air. Patients who have excess fat in their bodies are found facing problems to breathe fresh air. The availability of oxygen in the blood is low and the level of carbon dioxide is comparatively high. Advanced OHS management programs are surprisingly effective to enable obese patients to steer clear of side-effect of OHS. Alternative Name of OHS/Obesity Hypo-ventilation Syndrome Pickwickian syndrome Causes of Obesity Hypo-ventilation Syndrome Due to the surplus fat formation on the chest of the body of the patient Any hidden damage to the brain,…show more content…
Even a patient suffering from OHS can expire due to the negligence. Owing to the over excess of carbon dioxide in one's blood, he or she feels drowsiness and lethargy round the clock. Therefore, often healthcare consultants recommend polysomnography clinical tests to diagnose OHS. Treatment for OHS Management The modern treatment for OHS patients includes CPAP (continue positive airway pressure). Easy techniques to enable patients to enhance smooth breathing process through tracheostomy(small incision in the windpipe to ensure breathing flow). However, doctors also advise patients to opt for BiPAP therapy by wearing ultra-light mask. Proper obesity management dietary plans are meticulously tailored to help patients to reset the body by controlling the carbon dioxide level in blood. Timely outpatient care to prevent the faster side effect of OHS is required by patients. Pre-emptive Measures to Control OHS OHS patients require the proper diet and nutritional backup to do the smooth body resetting. The symptoms of obesity hypo-ventilation syndrome or OHS can be reduced or checked by choosing the best obesity inhibition diet. Besides, patients must not be alcoholic with addiction to the powerful marijuana or narcotic component, if he has the problem of long lasting
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