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The book “I am Malala” tells the story of eleven year old girl that campaigned and fought for woman’s rights and for the Taliban to allow them to go to school. Malala had an extremely tight nit family bond along with very supportive parents. She always had their support especially from her father Ziauddin. I believe that if I had a daughter so young that wanted to make such a big difference in her country I would stand by her one-hundred percent and push her to set out her dreams. That is exactly what her parents did, they always encouraged her to do whatever she put her mind to even now in present day.

Malala at age fifteen was shot by a Taliban man, for standing up for woman’s rights to go to school. If I was Malala’s parents I would
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“He even asked friends to throw dried fruits, sweets and coins into my cradle, something we usually only do for boys.” (pg.14) Woman were treated very different from men in Swat but Malala wanted to put an end to that.
Malala wanted to make a difference in how unequal woman’s rights were, and she would go to all costs to make it happen in her country. Her father said since she was a baby that this child is special, and she was. If my child wanted to take a stand at eleven for woman’s rights I would be shocked to say the least. I would’ve brushed it to the side and forgot about it. Malala had a very strong support base because I would not have let my child of eleven protest which she could have gotten killed for. Malala was brave, she even said she was not afraid to die. Most would have been more comfortable if she was “older” and “wiser”. Which I think is a common misconception on young people. More seasoned people think that just because a child is young they cannot have a big voice or have an opinion on society because they have not experienced as many years on earth as them. Malala broke the mold and she protested what she felt was right, even though she ended up getting shot in the face for it. Was it worth it? I think it was worth it.
In conclusion I support the fact that Malala’s parents allowed her to fight for woman’s rights, and to stand up for what she believed in. Malala’s shooting affected people across the world and she was even nominated for
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