Essay On I ShouldnT Have Pretended To Be The Female Lead

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I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead “Ah, it’s really true, isn’t it.” The signal bar on the phone screen displayed a clear red X. No wifi and no data either. A vast spread of rolling hills lay before me, a dirt path trailing down and leading to a peasant town. There were a lot of trees and forests. It looked like a promotional advertisement for a European getaway. However, there were very clearly some floating islands here and there, and some giant monsters flying around, and I think if Europe had these kinds of sights they wouldn’t have any financial crisis to worry about. I looked back at my phone. … Hey, other worlds, hurry up and invent Satellite signal. I want to call 911 and have a policeman escort me home, please.…show more content…
“If you’re too young then you cannot possibly fulfill the duties of — ” “Actually, I’m a little bit older, but I don’t like talking about my age or my size so how about we drop it.” The King sensed that he had breached a topic that no man should ever ask a woman about and changed the subject. Once he was satisfied with my qualifications he sent me off to the priestesses at the Church. The Church was a large white tower near the castle, and would be my living space from now on. The ground floor had an altar/throne for the Maiden of Light to sit in during the day, and some space in front for worshipers to pray. A staircase in the altar led up to the upper floors in the tower, which included a waiting room and my bedroom. The priestesses had very friendly, older sister-like vibes. They cooed over my short stature and pet my head a ton. Endure! I told myself. Eventually they dragged me to a dressing area and pulled out a bundle of white cloth. This was a very frilly, very complicated, very wedding dress-like Holy Robe. “…” I stared at it, and the abyss stared back at me. When I finally put it on and left the changing room, the priestesses squealed and pulled me over to do my hair. Flowers and jewels flew out of nowhere and onto my head. I looked at myself in the mirror. Ah, it’s a woman. “Holy Maiden, this servant has come to request your blessings…” “Ah, hello.” I greeted the man kneeling before me. Today, it was Rodrick von

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