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I n the 60 days since I accepted the opportunity to serve as Executive Director, I have had numerous people express their respect for IALEFI and its commitment to professional firearms training for law enforcement. Every comment, whether from industry vendors, instructors, students, or members, has echoed the sentiment that IALEFI is an integral part of the law enforcement training community. You, know that of course, because you are a member, and for that reason alone, I consider it a privilege to be part of your association. I owe my gratitude to many for making me feel welcome and trusting me to oversea IALEFI. I thank the IALEFI Board of Directions for the opportunity to be part of such a well-regarded organization. We are all indebted to Charlie Smith for his vision 35 years ago, of an association dedicated to the professionalism, training, and advancement of law enforcement firearms instructors worldwide I owe many thanks to former Executive Director Bob Bossey for his years of dedicated service to IALEFI. He came on board during a tumultuous time of financial distress, however, with the assistance of a…show more content…
Already, your suggestions have been heard. The next edition of The Firearms Instructor will be published in late October. We will be launching a new website by the end of the year. We are moving forward with new training courses, planning for future ATCs, and evaluating the best delivery of regional training conferences to ensure all of our members have access to the training and networking offered by IALEFI. This is your organization, so let your voice be heard: vote in board elections, weight in on by-laws and at the annual business meeting, submit articles for publication in The Firearms Instructor, run for a board position, host an Master Instructor Development Program, a regional training conference, or even an annual training
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