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Figure 4 : Country has IKEA Company

IKEA has 328 stores in 28 country (Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2016). The countries includes North America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia. Europe has the highest IKEA stores in the world in which it has 229 stores and 19 distribution centre. Follow by North America has 52 stores of IKEA and 7 distribution centre. The third country that has the most IKEA stores is in Asia in which it has 27 stores in total and 5 distribution centre. Furthermore, Russia has 14 stores of IKEA company and 1 distribution centre. Lastly, Australia has 6 stores and 1 distribution centre.
10 Mission Statement
IKEA’s mission mainly focuses on sustainable long-term growth by capitalising in the future which bring advantages to the employees, customers and suppliers. IKEA invest majority of its profit back into product development, into the business,
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The size and scale of its global business. This could make it hard to control standards and quality.
Due to the size and scale of IKEA’s global business, this could lead that its hard to control the standards and maintain good qualities. This could represent the weaknesses in IKEA’s supply chain and affect consumer views. Training and inspectors visiting factories to make sure that suppliers meet its requirements is backed up by IWAY code (Business Case Study 2016).

d. IKEA needs maintain good communication with its consumers and stakeholders about its environmental activities.
Business Case Study (2016) states that IKEA’s operation and company faces difficulties when it comes to communicating environmental activities with the customers, shareholders and the stakeholders. IKEA carries out campaigns from radio and TV to enable the businesses to communicate with different target of audiences. It also produces publications in print and online ‘People and the Environment’. The scale of the business makes this as a tough task.

e. The need for low cost products to be balanced against producing good
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