Essay On Identity

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There are many parts of my identity that I can say with certainty that I feel that I consistently embody and perpetuate through my daily actions such as such as my gender, and my sexual orientation, and various other definers such as being a college student, a sister to an older brother, as well as a daughter to a father and mother figure. However, one core part of any people’s identity has been had to express with confidence, my race/ethnicity. I was adopted from China when I was almost a year old in ’97 by my Caucasian parents. I don't often think about my adoptive past as anything but a fact, but there is often day to day moments where I am not sure how to identify definitively. Although I am physically Asian, I can rarely feel like I’m fitting in with even in an environment that is highly concentrated with other Asians. One could say that I have grown up around predominantly white, middle-upper class people and therefore I am one myself. However, it is not realistic to believe that I am anything other than what I am physically although there is almost always a…show more content…
This would be an example of a generic exchange as mentioned in, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life by Goffman, where it becomes clear to whomever I am speaking with that their ability and decision to stereotype individuals such as myself prior to interaction in a social setting was unjust and inaccurate of them, and that my parents are in fact white and I may be from Providence, but born in China. I perpetuate this image that can be seen as false initially unless specifically asked a certain question that may trigger me to reveal more about my true identity as I preform in day to day exchanges and introductions to new
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