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Thapa 4 Anupama Thapa Professor Sharifian GOVT 2306 November 19, 2017 When I Win After winning an election, the winning candidates are allocated to different committees. If I win the election, I would like to serve the committee of Energy resources (House), Senate committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development (Senate), and Environmental Regulation Committee (House). The Energy Resources committee looks after the production and regulation of energy resources like oil, gas etc. It is a substantive committee. 1 The current chairman of this committee is Rep. Drew Darby. Composed of 13 members in total, the main purpose of this committee is to conserve the energy resources available in Texas. Besides this, the committee is responsible…show more content…
The Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic development looks after environmental safety as well as economic management of the State. It is a substantive committee. 1 The current chairman of this committee is Craig Estes. Some functions or responsibilities of this committee include regulating collection and use of hotel occupancy taxes, removing or reducing barriers that hinders the state’s economic growth, ensuring the safety of environment during maintenance or shutdown activities, regulating waste disposal and so on. Besides this, the committee monitors programs like the Texas Railroad Committee Sunset and Funding, Environmental Regulatory and Legal Primacy, and the Texas Emissions Reduction Programs. Environment and economy are interconnected to each other. Proper utilization of Nature and environment results increment in state economy. However, I believe that the current government is focused more on economic growth and less on environmental safety. Lands and other resources are being over utilized in the name of economy. If I were elected, I would carry out environmental conservation and economic development side by side. Energy supply is very essential for economic growth but destroying the nature in the name of economic development is wrong. We should look for renewable sources of energy and utilize the sources that contributes to
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