Essay On If You Could Change One Thing About Myself

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If You Could Change One Thing About Your Self Well if I can change one thing about myself it would be my personality. I know what your wondering why your personality. I'm a beautiful and intelligent young lady why personality. Well let me tell you why I want to change my personality. I want to change it because I'm too nice. I'll really give you my all. I'll give you my very last. I'm the type of person you can count on. I'll be there whenever you need me. I'll comfort you. I'll care, take care and even love you. But people take my nice for granted. They run over me have control me and nice little old me let him. Growing up my bigger cousins always picked on me they teased me but I never told them anything I just let them. I never even…show more content…
I treat people right I'll have your back I was be on your side. Ask me if people had my back I thought they did but they didn't . When I cried at night no one there was there to wipe my tears away. No one knows what I go through. No one is feeling the pain I had to go through. So many people has hurt me that's why hard for me to trust to care to love because I been hurt. My personality has to change even though it already did. This world is mean and filled with horrible people in it. People that don't care about anyone but them selves. People does stupid things because there jealous of that person. No one wants to see you succeed they want you to failed like they did. No one cares or love you in this world. Its just me against this world. I have to I had to change my personality or I was just keep on getting taking for granted. I'm to good of a person to getting messed over the way I did. But I was strong and I held my own. Every time I got pushed down I got right back up. There you have it now you know if I can change one thing about myself. It would be my personality. I will I know longer allow people to rule me. I make my own decision I do what's best for me. I encourage everyone to do the same don't let anyone take over you. Live for yourself do what's make you happy be you that's all you got to
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