Essay On Illegal Immigration Citizenship

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Mayra is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. She works at Mcdonald’s as a fry cook . Her family lives in California but some live in Mexico and Mayra lives in Glendale Arizona and have a good job and she wants see her family but she can’t because she’s a illegal immigrant. Immigrants can’t do anything they can’t get a good job because they don’t have papers to proof that they were born in the united states and education they will need the most because for very good jobs they check to see if you have a degree in highschool and speak english well but if you can speak both they will think about it but no degree no job. I’ll be writing about the United States should give illegal immigrants citizenship because they have a right to be treated the same.
According to Charles E. should undocumented immigrants get a ‘Path to citizenship’? “The law is tearing apart families and force our government to expend precious resources to deport millions”(Charles E. 1). This is saying that they don’t care if they tear apart families and force to deport millions of immigrants and the law won’t care
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According to author “Rewarding law breakers by handing them the very thing they’re after can only encourage more people to break the law”(King S. 2). However, it can clearly be seen by this person he’s saying that immigrants are law breakers and influencing other people such as kids to break the law but not only they break the law many other race break the law and get away or say it’s okay because you're the same race as them there's no harm but when it’s a different race it’s a different story a
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