Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Learning Environment

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Research Question: What impact does social media have on the learning environment for U.S. college students? Why it matters: In this day in age, many argue that social media is having a negative impact on the learning environment. It is true that being consumed in electronics takes away certain aspects of social engagement. Many people rely on a screen for their social interactions and lose the personal connections of face to face interactions. However, when used properly, these networking sites and devices can be used to connect both students and educators, as well as create an online platform for students to post questions or concerns to their teachers and peers. Tentative Thesis: When used properly social media can enhance the learning experience for both college students and educators. Sources Friedman, Linda Weiser and Hershey H. Friedman. "Using Social Media Technologies to Enhance Online Learning." Journal of Educators Online, vol. 10, no. 1, 01 Jan. 2013. EBSCOhost. Linda and Hershey stated that currently, thirty percent of college students are taking courses online rather than on campus. Therefore, we should be strategic with using social media using it as a tool to further the learning process outside of the traditional classroom. For example, professors can post video lectures on Facebook and have student interactions. No matter the group, small or large social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook connect students with one another as well

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