Essay On Importance Of Dance In Education

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For most elementary age students around the country the core subjects such as science, math, and reading are separated from the arts. However, schools across the country are slowly combining the arts with the other subjects and are finding success. Dance is one form of art that would have multiple benefits for students. Dance and physical movement should be incorporated into elementary education because it improves students’ attention and interest in learning, improves learning in core subjects, and promotes a healthy lifestyle in students.
The first reason why teachers should integrate dance into education is that dance increases students’ attention and reaches students of different learning types. One study was done to determine whether lessons that incorporate movement were effective at generating student’s situational interest. They compared the outcomes of movement and non movement lessons in second and third grade reading and math classes. The teachers provided one week of lessons that included movement and one week of lessons that did not. Students were asked to use their bodies to illustrate specific concepts they were taught. At the end of the study, the teachers rated students’ interest levels, and they found that students were more excited by and engaged in the lessons that integrated movement than those that did not. Surprisingly, they also found that the dancing did not hinder the amount of content learned during the lesson (Lindt and Miller). Dance could be a
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