Essay On Importance Of Teaching As A Teacher

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Teaching is one of the most important jobs out there. This is because without teachers you won’t get an education to do things beyond and get a job. Most people don’t care about teachers or school because they think it is a chore, but in reality school is the basis of what you will pursue in the future, and it provides so much. Such as, you learn so many concepts for later grades and will help you in the real world. Teaching is important to me because I can help kids learn, and hopefully make a difference in their lives. I also get to work with kids of all ages and their different learning styles.
I have various goals as a teacher. My role as an elementary school teacher is to make sure the kids feel loved and safe in my classroom. I also will teach them and expand their knowledge about different concepts. I hope to be a good role model for them, so they can follow me and know what are good choices. Within my classroom, the student’s role in education is to grow as a learner, retain the information I am teaching them, and pay close attention to me.
I will base all my lessons off of the district's curriculum. I will add fun activities to support those lessons, find fun projects, and play games that go with the lesson or concept I am teaching. I will do these thing so my students aren’t bored and so that the classroom environment isn’t plain. My teaching styles and strategies will be chosen by me thinking back to previous and old teacher I have had in the past and include the ones that have stuck with me to show in my teaching. A lot of my personality will reflect in the way I teach. Classroom management strategies I will use to keep my classroom in check will be implementing classroom procedures. These may include lining up in a straight quiet line when exiting the classroom, and come into the classroom ready to learn. There will also be set rules such as raining you hand when you have something to say, being kind to one another, always trying you best, come into the classroom with a positive attitude, and most importantly have fun! There will always be students who are different and learn differently, so I will need to be aware of it and make accommodations for those kids. For example, for someone who has a
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