Essay On Improving Health And Wellness

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Writing increases health and wellness in many ways. Studies have shown that individuals who write about their illness and/or traumatic experiences show significant improvements in their physical health. They also have better immune system functioning, and fewer visits to physicians. In a study, 37 HIV-infected patients were instructed to write for thirty minutes per day for four days. The participants’ CD4+ lymphocyte counts and HIV viral loads were measured before the intervention and at two weeks, then three and six months after the writing exercise. The patients in the experimental group showed a drop in HIV viral loads, and an increase CD4+ lymphocyte counts. The CD4+ lymphocyte counts continuously increased over the six month period,…show more content…
Older patients like teens and adolescents might enjoy writing songs or poetry to help them creatively express themselves. Although Child Life Specialists are not creative art therapists, there are ways for Child Life Specialists to incorporate creative art therapy techniques into their practice. Patients can be encouraged to write poetry, or journal during their stay. The Child Life Specialist can check in and assist the children with their writing as needed. Visual art therapy is already commonly used in Child Life. Most Child Life departments supply art art materials for the patients to use to draw, paint, or make crafts during their stay. With an understanding of art therapy, Child Life Specialists can evaluate the children’s artwork to possibly better understand how the patient is feeling. Art projects can also be given to the patient’s family members to allow them to express themselves as well. To provide music therapy, Child Life Specialists can provide stereos or iPods to patients and play relaxing music throughout the day. Members of the Child Life team who are musically inclined can bring instruments to play for the patients undergoing treatments. To incorporate music into the patient’s stay, dance and yoga should be part of the patient’s routine. The Child Life Department can put host dance parties for children who are allowed to leave their rooms. These types of activities can benefit the patients and their families during their
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