Essay On Incarceration

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RESEARCH QUESTION:Evaluate and identify the rates
And cau ses of disproportionate minority male incarceration
In the U.SMass incarceration is male minorities being the majority in the prison system and the majority targeted for it. ., “In the U.S., African Americans are over six times as likely to be incarcerated as whites ; latinos over twice as likely” (- Hartney) . Leading to that mass incarceration starts with the school-to-prison pipeline. It pushes minorities into jails by disproportionately punishing them which leads to higher dropout rates. More counselling and support programs will help decrease incarceration rates. Physical tactics and restraints with jail like disciplinary makes up for a future of incarceration. Minorities are singled out with more repercussions than any other ethnicity. Without the support of teachers and staff, it keeps students ,male, from being encouraged to stay in school, statistically proven.
Physical tactics and restraints with jail like disciplinary makes up for future incarceration. Pushing students for the better is different from punishing them till it's felt they will get better. Schools are not fairly punishing students but depriving them of
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Its has been statistically proven how minorities, even the disabled are ‘disproportionately represented’ in schools. If those with altered abilities due to disabilities are carelessly, equally evaluated. Marilyn states “The racial disparities are even starker for students with disabilities. About 1 in 4 black children with disabilities were suspended at least once ,versus 1 in 11 white students, according to an analysis of the government report by Daniel J. Losen…” (Elias) If it’s not about race then what is it about ? Race plays a big factor in discipline because if more minorities are getting disciplined for similar acts of the majority then the disciplinary system is
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