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Introduction to Indian writing in English, inclusive of fiction: Indian English Literature is defined as the contribution of Indian writers to the Literature in English. With the consolidation of the British power in India, English, the language of rulers also began to exercise its influence on the intellectuals of the country. To the educated people, English language is a gateway to western knowledge. English provided a window for the Indian intellectuals to have a look at the wide world. Indian English Literature is a literature which is a combination of Indian literature and Indian literature written in English. Indian writings in English are a product of the historical encounter between the two cultures – Indian and the western—for…show more content…
The first book with a title Travels of Dean Mahornet was written in English by Sake Dean Mahomet. It was published in 1793 in England. After publication of this book the English Parliament felt to rectify and equalize some of the materialistic of the East India Com servants. The England Parliament had approved the Charter Act. It made England responsible for the educational betterment of the natives. The English Education Act was prompted by Thomas Babington Macaulay’s ill—famed “minute” on Indian education. It made English the medium of Indian education system and English literature a disciplinary subject in Indian educational institutions. Indian English Literature has matured from a sapling to a firmly rooted tree that blooms with its entirety still awaiting its yet-to-come metamorphosis. Indians took countless events and spotlight notable personalities to bring Indian writing in English to its contemporary fame. Indian literature in English and its transformation had happened in company with the consolidation of British imperialism in India. The critics come to the agreement that Indian English literature dates back to at least the early 19th century. In its early stages, the narration was influenced by the Western art form of the “novel”. Early Indian writers made English by Indian words to communicate an experience and understanding which was fundamentally and in essence of Indian. In the beginning acceptance of English language and literature by upper-class Indians. First, there were the educational reforms called forth by both the Charter Act of 1813 and the 1835 English Education Act of William
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