Essay On Information Security Handled By The Government

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Information security handled by the government. Devin Norton Jacksonville state university Abstract This essay will be covering the topic of some of the different acts of different acts of federal regulations that apply to information security and privacy. Information security being such an impactful feature for companies and customers the like to have peace of mind that their content is safe, it is also important to have these regulations in place to maintain transparency that their lively hoods are protected in a legal manner. Best example of this will be the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which was brought around to establish rules for the electronic transfer and handles of personal medical documents.…show more content…
Title two is the Administrative Simplification , this is the section that establishes the national standards for electronic healthcare transactions. It also forces healthcare organizations to implement secure electronic devices for these transactions.Title three is the Tax-Related Health Provisions, which is just guidelines and provisions for tax related medical care. Title four is the Application and Enforcement of Group Health Plan Requirements, which really is just a add on to title one, adding in people with pre existing conditions into the mix of coverage.Title five is the Revenue Offsets, which references health insurance reform for company owned life insurance and treatment for people who lose citizenship So why exactly do we as a nation need the hipaa act? Well as just explained it is the there for the purpose of providing continuous health insurance for those who have may lost their job or in the middle of a transference between one job to another. It also reduces the financial burden for healthcare companies by simplifying and securing the electronic transactions process.HHS extended the demonstration when it set up the HIPAA omnibus manage in 2013 to execute alterations to HIPAA as per rules set in 2009 by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. These rules concern the obligations of business partners of secured substances. The omnibus govern likewise expanded punishments for
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