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Informational Interview Report
The person who I conducted my informational interview was Chang Wang, Esq. I was acquainted with Mr. Chang Wang through a class he taught at the University of Minnesota. Professor Wang is a man of many professions; he is a lawyer, a professor, an actor and a writer. I could tell that he is extremely accomplished in his many careers through the list of schools he has taught at, awards he has received, the many licenses he’s obtained, and the number of publications he has authored. Because of his busy schedule, I contacted him a month before the interview to solidify a schedule with him. I requested half an hour of his time, but he was very generous and gave me over an hour of his company. I wanted to interview Mr. Wang for my assignment because I always wanted to pick his brain and learn more about what he did at Thomson Reuters. Aside from completing this assignment and getting to know more about his work, I also had a different agenda of ultimately requesting a letter of recommendation in the
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Because of the lack of rights in China, he is zealous about the American legal system and is a strong proponent of democracy in China. Whether in his lifetime or after, he truly hopes for a better China with a “rule of law”. I think Mr. Wang intentionally decided not to share the technicalities of work because he wanted to share the bigger picture of his work. His approach of sharing the significance of his work reminded me of the parable of the three stonecutters; how the first two stonecutters only saw the individualistic means of their work and how the third stone cutter embraced the broader vision of his work. I don’t know if my future career will be the “best” of all the jobs, but I will have to find the significance of what I do and contribute to society someway, somehow with that
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