Essay On Inherit The Wind

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The battle between the relationship of science and religion has always been a controversial topic in society. It has been a subject of study since the classical era from scientists, theologists, philosophers, and regular citizens. It is understandable that the perspective on culture and religion are unquestionably varied due to different geographical regions, but why are there so many heated debates regarding the global discussion and what is it that causes those controversies? Is it possible that there is more than two outlooks and theories? Jerome Lawrence and Robert E.Lee contrasts the two perspectives in Inherit the Wind by bringing back an historical and legendary trial. Matthew Harrison Brady, an established lawyer in America demonstrates his ideology in God. Addition to Mr. Brady, his arch nemesis, Henry Drummond, defends his morals by expressing his vision that evolution is where human come from.

Some scientists repetitively states that evolution has no conflict between the two debates; however, this depends on what the factual definition of religion is. Majority of the people who have a religion believe there is a higher power above all. Many people can consider themselves as a “Christian”
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Many people believe a creator who rules as the highest authority. But others say that life and the universe evolved without the help of a “Supreme Deity.” Why can’t we combine our beliefs, and where in the bible does it state that evolution is untrue? It never quotes that Adam and Eve were humans to initiate with, so is it sin to believe in something that has been beyond scientifically proven?
As a child, I was pressured and influenced into a Christian family, however, I believe that as a result that God is the creator of all things, He created evolution as well. I have never been educated that the Darwin’s Theory is a disgrace to a Christian’s
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