Essay On Innocent Permissiveness

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Part three moves into the nuts and bolts of curriculum choices based on the child’s learning style. Neil Fleming’s learning techniques are described. This section will also address the need for testing a homeschool child and the reason for correlating the homeschool material with the state and core knowledge guidelines. Children who obtain educational support during their younger years will be creative and eager to learn throughout their lives. They will learn the importance of knowledge and education through their parents. I will also discuss innocent permissiveness and how it relates to bad education in the future.

Part four will discuss how parents will second guess their decision to homeschool and how this is a natural and normal emotion that people experience. There are ways to ease the anxiety by taking safe measures such as taking high school classes through an accredited school. Taking classes through co-ops, private schools, and homeschool learning centers can also relieve some stress from the parent.

Part five will address how to have the will power to adjust a behavior or even personality to benefit the child in the future. A study performed by Christopher Nave, from University of California, reveals
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Parents should understand that children act out for attention, therefore it is imperative to put as much emphasis on good behavior as bad behavior since often time good behavior goes unnoticed. Whether a child attends a traditional school or is home schooled, ultimately the parents and not the teacher are responsible for their behavior. Teachers devote hours dealing with misbehaved children, since parents failed to perform their job. When I hear a parent saying they could never homeschool their children since they would not listen to them, I feel sorry for these poor teachers who has to undertake these parents’ responsibility to correct their child’s
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