Essay On International Law

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To analysis above supporting evidence, on the one hand, Canada is one of those funders of the UN. As a senior member of UN, Canada has significant political influences and power at UN. To demonstrate, the Canadian powerful world class military force is acting on UN's behalf to not only enforces international laws, but also ensures people has a peaceful place to live on the Earth. At the same time, Canada also acting on UN's behalf to protects people's human rights by means of using academic weapon such as successfully challenge the international law with the recognition of human rights as part of the international law book. In conclusion, the presence of Canadian doughty soldiers on the worldwide stage is a political voice to the UN's…show more content…
Paul Heinbecker opens a debate at the UNSC; that, Mr. Heinbecker argues, that the bill of the establishment of the ICC is passed by the legislative United Nations on a meeting in Rome; that, Mr. Heinbecker argues, that it would be unethical for the UCSC to cancel the ICC; that, the legislative body of the United Nations accepts the establishment of the ICC with a majority vote; that, the fundamental IL founds the ICC's jurisdiction; that, the ICC plays a constitutional role in maintaining the Justice against any kind of injustice international affairs.36

Correspondingly, the UNSC overturns the bill of permanently close the ICC, and the UNSC decides a bill of temporally close the ICC with an annual renewal requirement in order to keep the existence of the ICC. After that, in April 2004, an incident strongly challenges the UNSC's decision; that, the photo evidence of American soldiers abuse prisoners overseas is published; correspondingly, the UNSC decides to review the decision of suspension of the ICC; consequently, due to heavy pressure, the Amercian decides not to continue to stop the operation of the ICC; finally, Canada wins the battle against the United States at the United Nations; accordingly, the victory brings Canada to the world leadership chair in the international justice system; therefore, because Canada successfully interferes an international affair, that significantly Canada becomes one of
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