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Internet Privacy: An introduction (Mike Campbell)

A famous and often misunderstood quote from Benjamin Franklin says that those who would give up an essential liberty to purchase a small, temporary safety, deserve neither the liberty nor the safety (Wittes, 2015) . This quote is usually used in the opposite of its original intent, according to historical context (Wittes, 2015) but it’s easy to see why it may be misused. The sentiment we likely draw from it is that sacrificing privacy for safety can be a serious risk. Society today is more likely to sacrifice privacy for convenience. Consider the convenience of online shopping, social media, and digital medical records, and you can see the level of convenience we have gained is
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The Nightingale Pledge is mainly intended for Registered Nurses and states, "I will do everything in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping" (Nightingale).

A person 's privacy is a basic right whether in the hospital or not. As a health provider they are the advocate for their patient and being loyal is a must. It is a legal and ethical obligation to patients who depend on others to take care of them (2005). It is so easily taken for granted so all health care providers need to be aware of patient privacy especially nowadays with advancing technology.

Health care workers must be diligent when communicating patients personal information over the Internet and always keep in mind that they could be held liable in court if found guilty of violating these delicate rights.

Privacy and Data Mining (Trenton Branham)

Data mining is the analyzing of large data sets to gather new information. It combines the fields of statistics with computer science to make decisions and info usually used by business. New products to sell and improvements to current ones usually are results from this field. Companies usually have these data sets together on large servers. As you can imagine, this makes it tempting for hackers to get access to. Depending on the type of data, users privacy

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