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Internship is an opportunity offered by various companies to potential students or candidates, called as “interns”, to work in the firm for a limited or fixed time period. Internship offers students lot of exposure to the practical world and provides practical experiences in the industry relating to their field of study. This becomes a valuable experience as it allows us to understand how our studies are applied in the “real world”, and it gives a good picture for our Curriculum Vitae`.
Internships can also be called as job training for professional careers. Internships generally, consists exchange of ideas and services for experience between students and organizations. Some interns find permanent, paid programme with the organizations for which they worked. This gives a benefit to the employer as they do not have to search for a new employee, as the interns are trained previously and they are less demanding. Internship experiences provide the opportunity to apply classroom theories into the real world, thus it enhances the student’s academic and their career goals.
Internships in India are career specific, college and school students often choose internships based on the branch of study at their University. Internships for MBA graduates are the most common thing in
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The comprehensive document serves as the ethical roadmap for Tata employees and Group companies. In the structure of Tata Steel’s growing global presence the Tata Code of Conduct has been reviewed to accommodate vital and appropriate alterations. This has ensured that diverse cultural and business related issues are addressed universally across the Group. The Tata Code of Conduct was launched in Tata Steel (Thailand), Tata Steel Singapore in July 2007 and in Tata Steel Europe in January

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