Essay On Interracial Dating And Openness

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Researchers observed 69 undergraduate students from an HBCU from the east coast. Participants consisted of African American as researchers made this a criteria to engage in the study. Amongst the participants 28 males and 41 females were evaluated. This study consisted of 46.4 % freshman, 27.5% sophomore, 20.3% juniors, and 5.8% seniors. Researchers recruited participants from an Introduction to Psychology classes and offered participants extra credit as compensation to cooperate in the study.


An experimental design was used to determine if interracial dating impacts openness to other cultures. Researchers created vignettes of scenarios involving couples of different races with different backgrounds to create a manipulation to assess participants views. In addition, a quasi-experimental design evaluated the participants influences to date outside their race and analyze their openness to other cultures. Vignettes consisted of statements like Matthew is likely to be more attracted to African American women than White women, Dating outside of his race is probably a phase for Matthew that he will outgrow, and Dating outside of her race is probably a phase for Kendra that she will outgrow. Participants personal interracial and openness measures included statements like, I would never date outside of my race, I enjoy learning about cultures other than my own, I have a lot in common with Whites in the United States, and I have
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Once permission was approved researchers gathered participants throughout the end of class. Once class ended researchers approached students asking them to take a few minutes to complete a survey in exchange for extra credit. After participants completed the surveys researchers will only use participants who identify as African American/ Black and then analyzed the
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