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The Iran Nuclear Deal: Retain or Abolish? Currently, The USA position about Iran nuclear deal has been one of the most controversial topics in the political and international affairs fields. People are taking sides about what should be the best decision for the USA government. Should the USA tear up the deal or stay in it?
During these past days, the news is so focused on the subject ‘’Iran,’’ here are some headlines: Scuttling the Iran deal will lead to another North Korea, how the Iran deal prevents a covert nuclear weapons program, the sun sets on a good Iran deal. The question is what all these headlines have in common? In my opinion, I think that the best decision for the USA government is to stay in the Iran nuclear deal for three
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As president Trump’s reluctance to certify if Iran is following all the requirements, it illustrates that the deal remains under threat.
First all, the USA administration, president Donald Trump and some his political adviser, are willing to end up the USA involvement in the JCPOA and the US president claimed that it was the worse decision. For me, it was one of the most successful deals in the last years because it is preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons and provide improved transparency. Which means that under a nuclear agreement, Iran has the obligation to permit the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to conduct a deep inspection on Iran’s nuclear facilities if IAEA requests to do so.
However, If Iran violates the agreement, it will severely punish and all sanctions will come back and Iran’ aliens will not be able to reverse the situation or block the sanction applied to Iran such as economic, political and others that can break the Iran economy. The US government can do nothing to stop Iran to improve its nuclear weapons. If Iran decided not to make new nuclear weapons, it was because they decided not to do it.
Some disagree that, ‘’the Obama administration is prepared to sign an agreement that will expire in a mere 10 years’ time. At this point, any restriction that the deal imposes on Iran would be vanish. Iran’s economy would be free from all nuclear-related sanctions and its government would be treated the same as any other

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