Essay On Iran Nuclear Deal

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Iran Nuclear Deal: In or Out?

In 2015, a nuclear deal was struck between Iran and six of the world’s powers: The US, UK, France, Russia, Germany, and China. This deal was in fact the trademark foreign policy of Barack Obama’s two terms of presidency. On October 13, 2017, President Trump disavowed the nuclear deal, calling it an embarrassment and the “worst deal”. Trump claims the deal was too lenient on Iran and consequently, Iran has already broken many parts of it3. The United States should stay in the Iran Nuclear Agreement because atomic scientists have insisted the deal was effective4, it will burn all other options short of war with Iran5, and leaving it would make other nations less trusting forcing them to make less agreements
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Iran still and has always claimed they did and do not seek nuclear weapons.5 The scientists currently are holding their ground against leaving the deal for they truly do believe that it is working and Iran is holding back from designing nuclear weapons. In a letter sent to the Presidential White House, they suggested additional ways to monitor Iran instead of denouncing and trashing the accord.6
Stating, that for the Iran agreement, it is “necessary to provide the time needed to develop and implement these initiatives”.1 If we lose the deal, how else will we be able to prevent Iran from designing a multitude of nuclear weapons that they could aim right back at us. The only other option would be to go to war with Iran. By dropping the deal, we also send a bad message. Whilst the confusion is going on around the Iran deal currently, there has been an underlying tendency to paint a demonizing picture of Iran, which could possibly lead US American citizens to misinterpret the threat the country presents and what’s really going on here under the mess of misleading cameras and reporters.2 This misunderstanding could lead to a bigger conflict consisting of risky and totally unnecessary confrontation. Not only would it burn all other options short of war with Iran, it may nonetheless be the cause of war with North Korea as well.3 Now what would happen if we did go to war with Iran? Iran’s allies may turn against us; however, our allies may turn
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