Essay On Is It Necessary To Declare War On Germany

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As President of the United States, it is absolutely necessary to declare war on Germany. America should join in on the war against Germany and defeat the aggressive nation. German’s actions of sinking ships with American passengers, failing to follow both international and their own laws, and provoking America’s southern neighbor are more than enough reasons to declare war. Both American citizens and ships are not safe when they are sailing on the seas because of German threat. Mexico is too close for comfort if they are willing in to engage in combat. Neutrality must be broken for the wellbeing of the United States. The Germans sank the Lusitania, a British ship flying the American flag, on May 7th, 1915 and 128 Americans were killed. International…show more content…
In this document, there was a request from Germany to declare war on the United States. Also, the Germans promised that Mexico would repossess Texas, the Mexican Cession Territory, and other former property. A possible war with Mexico is an obvious threat to the safety of the United States of America. Not only did Germany provoke probable belligerent behavior from the Mexicans, but also, the Zimmerman Note insinuated that America would lose to Mexico. A defeat to Mexico was both insulting and dangerous because it would indicate a loss in American territory as well. Neutrality is not keeping Americans protected. It is inevitable that neutrality will be broken if Mexico follows through with the Zimmerman Note and declares war on the United States. Also, it is obvious that Germans will not stop sinking ships with American passengers and will not stop disobeying international law and their own pledges. America should not wait to be attacked any longer and must take action. President Wilson clearly should declare war on Germany in order to protect both America and the American people. If he does not, then the United States will suffer from more harmful German
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